Virology and Infectious Diseases are the rapidly emerging fields of biotechnology and microbiology which deals with the study of viruses and viral infections. Viruses are responsible for a variety of infections and diseases. Some of the viral infections are deadly and life-threatening. A study shows that viruses are also capable of inducing tumors. However, recent research on virology has led to the development of antivirals and vaccines to treat and to prevent the infections. This indicates that the world of virologists should be updated every day.

About Conference

Virology 2019 Infectious Diseases welcomes delegates from all around the world to attend “5th World Congress on Virology and Infectious Diseases” a conference organized by PULSUS group which will be held on September 18-19, 2019 at Edinburgh, Scotland.  Edinburgh us a the Capital of Scotland located in Central Eastern Side part of Scotland. It is a City that fascinates the human living, which is one of the major Tourists spots. Edinburgh is known as one of the Best Spot to visit by the UNESCO. Which bends in Ancient Structure and Modern Art. The Edinburgh Landscape attracts with a beautiful view and extinct Volcano. St. Margaret’s chapel is the place Queen Margaret left her remarkable presence around 1130. These features making Edinburgh a Worth place to conduct Virology 2019.

The theme of the conference is ” Exploring the Noble Approaches and Recent Advancements in Virology and Infectious Diseases”

About Pulsus

Pulsus Group is an internationally renowned peer-review publisher in scientific, technical, and medical journals established in the year 1984 with offices in Ontario, Canada, and Hyderabad, India has acquired Andrew John Publishing and openaccessjournals.com to expand its Open Access Publishing through its 50+ journals in association with 20+ International medical and scientific societies.

Pulsus through its cmesociety.com is been very instrumental to provide an invaluable channel for scientists and researchers to exchange ideas and research by creating a forum for discussing the possibilities of future collaborations between universities, institutions, research bodies and organizations from different countries through international CME/CPD accredited conferences and meetings.

Target Audience

  •  Medical specialist in virology
  •  Specialist in infectious diseases and tropical medicines
  •  Specialist in clinical virology
  •  Students and Professionals
  •  Research institutes
  •  Bio technologist
  •  Research faculty
  •  Under Graduates
  •  Post Graduates
  •  Doctor of Philosophy
  •  Virology Researchers
  •  Faculty of Virology and infectious diseases
  •  Training Institutes
  •  Research laboratories
  •  Scientists and professors
  •  Business Entrepreneurs
  •  Industry professionals
  •  Directors/Managers/CEO’s
  •  Presidents & Vice Presidents
  •  Brand Manufacturers/ Marketers of Consumer Products
  •  Marketing, Advertising and Promotion Agency Executives